About Impact Law

Impact Disciplines

esela’s focus is on the contributions impact lawyers make to the wider global impact ecosystem.

The impact disciplines below cover many of the areas of relevance to the impact economy and the practice of impact lawyers.

Impact Disciplines

  •       Impact investing
  •       Climate change and the law
  •       Sustainable finance
  •       Environmental, social and governance factors
  •       Development finance
  •       Blended finance
  •       Business human rights
  •       The social role of business
  •       Corporate governance and corporate social responsibility
  •       Benefit corporations and B Corps
  •       Social enterprise and ‘for benefit’ enterprise
  •       Social value commissioning and procurement
  •       Cooperatives
  •       International cooperation
  •       Philanthropy and civil society
  •       The rule of law
  •       Future economic paradigms
  •       Systems change
  •       Public policy
  •       Sustainable supply chains
  •       Innovation and the law

The Imperatives

esela adheres to The Imperatives for Economic System Change, co-created by by the Imperative 21 coalition.

The Imperatives

Design for Interdependence

Recognize the interdependence of healthy people, planet, and economies

Balance the relationships between the private sector, government and civil society

Ensure that everyone has access to free and fair markets


Invest for Justice

Remove structural inequality

Ensure leadership and ownership are more inclusive, and investment more accessible

Use technology to advance democratic ideals and human rights

Promote greater voice, power and opportunity for those currently marginalized


Account for Stakeholders

Measure success based on credible common metrics of sustainable value creation for all stakeholders

Create incentives that reward business and investments creating social and environmental value

Enhance standards of fiduciary duty


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