Our Principles

The Principles of ESELA – The Legal Network for Social Impact

  1. ESELA shall carry out its objects with a particular focus on Europe
  2. The meaning of ‘law’ in the objects of ESELA shall be interpreted widely to include all forms of law, regulation and tax treatment
  3. ESELA will seek over time to develop a form of governance which is consultative and which reflects the diversity of its associate membership
  4. ESELA will not promote any one legal form over any other legal form
  5. ESELA will respect the different social economy and social enterprise traditions in different European countries
  6. ESELA will be open to new and emerging models of social enterprise
  7. ESELA will collaborate and develop partnerships with other organisations
  8. ESELA will seek to strike a balance between serving legal practitioners, educating its associate members and serving the public at large

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