The Impact Revolution: The Role of Legal Scholarship

ESELA Academic Gathering - 11 April 2019, London

Location: London School of Economics

Date: 11/04/2019

Price: £45


The Impact Revolution: The Role of Legal Scholarship

ESELA Academic Gathering, 11 April 2019

Hosted by the Marshall Institute at the London School of Economics

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Time: 10.30am – 16:30pm, Thursday 11 April 2019

Venue: Parish Hall, London School of Economics

This Academic Gathering is intended for academics and others with an interest in the implications of the impact revolution for legal scholarship, policy and multi-disciplinary education. It precedes the ESELA Annual Conference 2019 on Friday 12 April.

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SESSION 1 – Is ‘Profit with Purpose’ the Future Of The Corporation?

Part A – The Future of the Corporation Project – Emerging Findings – The Role of Law

Speaker: Professor Colin Mayer Saïd Business School British Academy

Part B – ‘Profit with Purpose’ – Is Corporate Law Fit for Purpose?

Speaker: Professor David Kershaw London School of Economics, School of Law

SESSION 2 – Impact Revolution – Legal Scholarship and Legal Policy

Part A – Impact Revolution and Legal Scholarship Landscape

Speakers: Professor Deborah Burand NYU School of Law 

Part B – Impact Revolution and Legal Policy Implications

Speaker: Giulio Pasi European Commission, Joint Research Centre

SESSION 3 – Impact Revolution and Multi-Disciplinary Education

Part A – Impact Revolution, Law and Multi-Disciplinary Education

Speakers: Jonathan Roberts The Marshall Institute, Mario Calderini Tiresia, Roberto Randazzo R&P LegalProfessor Deborah Burand NYU School of Law and Juan Diego Mujica Filippi Harvard Law School

Part B – Q&A and Conclusions

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Our hosts – The Marshall Institute, London School of Economics

We are delighted to be hosted at the London School of Economics by the Marshall Institute for Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship in collaboration with the Law School, LSE.

The Marshall Institute works to improve the impact and effectiveness of private action for public benefit through research, teaching and convening. It informs and coordinates the efforts of citizens, researchers, private sector organisations, and social entrepreneurs who are working to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges. We look forward to debating what role law and lawyers have to play.

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