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Calvert Impact Capital, Inc enables individual and institutional investors to invest for social good, provides much-needed debt capital for social enterprises working around the world, and promotes the global impact investing industry.

Calvert Impact Capital, Inc is a tax exempt, non-stock Maryland corporation and qualified under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We are headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland. We are focused on stewarding financial and other resources toward the creation of affordable housing, good jobs, quality education, climate change solutions, and other services that communities need to thrive. This work is supported by our donors and investors across the United States.

Types of Work

Key Focus : As social inequality and environmental threats increase on a global scale, disadvantaged populations are often unable to access the resources and services they need to live productive and fulfilling lives, such as affordable housing, good jobs, quality education, clean energy, health care and other critical services. Nonprofits, social enterprises, and community institutions put these resources within reach for the micro-entrepreneurs, farmers, homeowners, students and other groups they serve. Together with philanthropy and public funding, these organizations leverage private capital to expand and grow their operations. Since 1995, Calvert Impact Capital, Inc's 15,000 investors have delivered that capital.

Thus, Calvert Impact Capital, Inc addresses two key issues in the impact investing industry: (1) by providing retail, accredited, and institutional investors a diversified impact investment product, we connect them with the high-impact organizations they strive to support, while also offering financial return and social impact reporting; and (2) by providing high-impact organizations the flexible debt capital they need, they are better able to serve their clients and end beneficiaries, grow or scale to serve additional clients, and ultimately generate more social impact.

Areas of Interest

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