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Our mission is to make a meaningful contribution to the development of a social impact economy. Sustainability and positive impact should become self evident aspects of the business environment and operations of every organization. Our ultimate ambition consists in seeing this paradigm shift appear also in the traditional legal thinking.

We want to be lawyers using social impact as a benchmark in everything we do. We are driven by our passion for enterprises within the spectrum and large ecosystem of social impact projects. We want to support them by providing our unique expertise as entrepreneurial and dynamic lawyers acting as facilitators and bridge builders. In this perspective, we want to go beyond our role as traditional lawyers and develop our activities according to the needs of our clients by assisting them also as advisors, directors and partners.

Through our own legal enterprise, we also want to generate positive impact.

Types of Work

"For social business, international associations and all projects aiming for positive impact."

Different types of clients call upon our services. We call them “impact entrepreneurs”. They manage not-for-profit associations, foundations, international associations, cooperatives, companies, health insurance funds, public administrations, government agencies,...

Our clients are active in many different not-for-profit and social profit sectors such as healthcare, welfare, culture and sports, education and science, social economics and social innovation, religion, development cooperation and philanthropy. Umbrella organizations representing the interests of specific industries, sectors or professions on (inter)national level, or active in fundraising also turn to us, as well as more traditional companies.

Our expertise is not only sought after by all types of social enterprises or their federations, but also by their partners among which social investors, insurers, project developers and banks. Hybrid structures or BCorps having a mixed business model consisting of a for-profit branch, on the one hand, and a not-for-profit enterprise, on the other, also find their way to impact lawyers.

These last few years, we are also increasingly consulted by universities, consulting firms and political authorities searching for advice within the scope of (public) contracts and consultancy tracks, or looking for support when implementing new policies. In these cases, our expertise is requested ‘ad hoc’ within the context of bigger, often multidisciplinary, projects.

Especially questions relating to the functioning and the governance of not-for-profits, social enterprises and their partners, is at the core of our expertise. These issues often appear at incorporation, in going concern or in discontinuity, in a partnership or network, as well as in all stages of change and transition or during reorganizations, mergers and splits.

Areas of Interest

AssociationsB CorpsCo-operatives and mutualsCorporate formFinance and investmentFoundations and charitiesPolicy and legal developmentPublic lawResearch

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