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London Law Collective was set up because we believe that collectively we do more than working alone.

As a collective we do more than law. We understand that having a positive impact on the world around us is just as important. At London Law Collective we gather the best people to provide excellent legal advice to accelerate the potential of our clients’ businesses. Made up of experienced lawyers with different backgrounds and skills, we are drawn together by a sense of excitement of empowering business, building long-lasting relationships and providing the highest quality legal advice.

Our lawyers have a wealth of experience in advising start-ups, entrepreneurs and organisations. Our experience tells us that CEOs and founders want clear solutions without the complexity, quickly and at a price that makes sense. And our ambition is to do that while offering a first-class service, often reserved for the bigger clients in the largest firms.

Types of Work

Corporate; Fundraising; Employee Incentives; Commercial; Intellectual Property; Data Protection and Privacy; Employment; Dispute Resolution; Purpose Driven Organisations.

Areas of Interest

B CorpsCorporate formFinance and investmentFoundations and charitiesPolicy and legal developmentResearch

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