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PRAGER DREIFUSS is one of Switzerland’s leading law firms for business law. As an integrated partnership, we are efficiently organized and managed. We strive to find integrated, innovative solutions for our clients that are adapted to legal and economic realities. Our attention is equally focused on legal issues as on controlling business risks.

We recognize our clients’ needs and provide services in accordance with the requirements of the mandate. With years of experience and in-depth expertise, PRAGER DREIFUSS is ideally positioned to advise and support international and domestic clients in a wide field of legal matters.

For each project, we at PRAGER DREIFUSS form the best qualified team under the leadership of a partner. About 40 lawyers are admitted as attorneys at law or tax experts. Our teams consist of a partner and lawyers of varying seniority, tailored to the project. We thus offer an attractive cost structure. This key account system guarantees the best possible efficiency, short response times and solutions that are best suited to clients’ needs. We provide interdisciplinary comprehensive answers in all areas of business law.

Types of Work

Among others, PRAGER DREIFUSS supports and advises founders with regard to the selection of the appropriate corporate form for their venture, its structuring, and its incorporation. Thereby, we pay particular attention to ensuring that the founders values and their environmental, socal, and governance beliefs. With our decades long experience in the start-up environment, we are well positioned to provide our services with speed and very cost efficiently. Following the incorporation, we support the founders on an ongoing basis with regard to all corporate and contractual legal matters, such as labour aspects, employee participation plans, taxes, and all sorts of financing rounds. Since we have also advise investors in start-up financing rounds, we know both sides of the investment process, which allows us to contribute to a smooth and efficient process. This applies in particular to investors who consider their social and ecological impact of their investment. Due to our in-house notaries, we are able to offer the full services in all situations in the lifetime of a start-up.

Areas of Interest

B CorpsCo-operatives and mutualsCompetition lawCorporate formFinance and investmentPolicy and legal development

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