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WINHELLER is well known for its expertise in German nonprofit (tax) law and provides both, strategic legal and tax planning advice to large German nonprofit organizations (NPOs) as well as ongoing tax advisory and accounting services. The law and tax firm’s nonprofit advisors also provide counsel to international NPOs and global charities – many of which are based in the U.S. and the European Union and are seeking to establish a presence in Germany.

Types of Work

WINHELLER services include advice regarding all aspects of German nonprofit law and German nonprofit tax law, including the founding and management of German charitable Limited Liability Companies (LLC) and tax compliance. Furthermore, WINHELLER’s accountants regularly work with their cross-border clients’ finance and bookkeeping departments to ensure that their donation-soliciting activities comply with German law and industry accreditation and certification standards.
In addition to German nonprofit law and tax law, the law firm’s nonprofit-specialized attorneys and tax advisors are also experts in
- the law of nonprofit associations,
- the law of foundations, and
- the law of charitable corporations.

And because today’s NPOs do more than collect and distribute donations, WINHELLER also advises international NPO clients on matters related to
- nonprofit tax litigation,
- tax and legal compliance,
- sport law,
- corporate law and transactions,
- banking law, regulations, and impact investing,
- employment law,
- private foundations,
- inheritance law,
- GDPR / privacy law,
- trademark law, and
- IT law.

WINHELLER is also increasingly consulted by the public sector (universities, municipalities, cities) and the government as well as professional sport clubs and international federations. WINHELLER advises all clients holistically, whether it is establishing a nonprofit organization or managing its daily business activities. Legal and tax advice from one source!

Areas of Interest

AssociationsB CorpsCo-operatives and mutualsCompetition lawCorporate formFinance and investmentFoundations and charitiesPolicy and legal developmentProcurementPublic lawResearchState aidTaxOther

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