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Welcome to the Members’ area

Our members are lawyers, academics and business leaders from different jurisdictions. They specialise or are interested in using law to create a sustainable and inclusive economy that promotes positive social impact.

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esela Virtual Conference 2021

Members are able to view the sessions on demand. Use the following  password to access the schedule of recordings.

Read on for advice about

Creating your online profile

For guidance on creating your esela profile, access the Membership Guide.

Accessing the member pages

Strategic Partner and Organisation members

Designated ‘Key Contacts’ for each Strategic Partner and Organisation member are entitled to access the member pages and content.

If you are the main point of contact for your company or firm’s membership, designate your key contacts by adding them to the esela Directory of Contacts. Step by step instructions are found in the Membership Guide.

Your Key Contacts will log into the esela member pages using your company login.

To give them access, share the username or email address, and the password for your company’s member account with them to enable login. You are advised to use a unique password which is changed periodically as well as at the time of any change in your designated Key Contacts.

While logged in the member account, Key Contacts may also update their personal key contact profile.

Please note that Individual members and Key Contacts are not permitted to disclose their login details to a third party.

Searching the members’ directory

The members’ directory is a resource for lawyers and others who are active in this space in different regions.

The directory is designed to facilitate connection to and among esela members. By creating your personal profile, you will be visible to other members as well to others who visit the site to find information about individuals within our network.

Make best use of your membership by keeping your personal esela profile up to date. Include a summary of your areas of expertise and experience, as well as your contact information, and link your personal esela profile directly to your organisation’s website.

For lawyers wishing to connect with a practitioner in a particular jurisdiction, use the Directory search function.

To contact an esela member, get in touch with them directly via the contact details on their profile, or contact esela if you would like us to facilitate an introduction.

Using the esela member logos

Our members are permitted to use the esela member logos in their own promotional materials.

If you are an Individual or Organisation member of esela, you may, during the term of you membership, use the esela Members’ logo on websites, and in other promotional materials to inform the public that you’re a member of esela.

If you are a Strategic Partner of esela, you may, during the term of you membership, use the esela Strategic Partners’ logo on websites, and in other promotional materials to inform the public that you’re a Strategic Partner of esela.

Click here to download the esela Member or Strategic Partner logos.

Membership renewal

In 2019, esela moved to a new membership structure, with some membership categories being phased out. For information about how the changes affect your membership, and how to renew your membership click here.

Members are also able to:

  • Access members discounts for in-person events
  • Access complimentary tickets for in-person events (Strategic Partners only)
  • Submit content for circulation in the esela communications
Articles and news items may be submitted for wider circulation among the members and esela’s readership. Get in touch if you wish to contribute an item of news.

Member Access to the esela Virtual Conference 2021

In 2021 the conference will take place virtually during March. For further details, visit the conference website

In previous years, the conference and fringe events have taken place in London, Milan, Brussels, Luxembourg and Geneva.

  • Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners receive 10 Member Access tickets for the esela Virtual Conference 2021.

  • Organisation members

Organisation members receive 4 Member Access tickets for the esela Virtual Conference 2021.

  • Individual members

Individual members receive a Member Access ticket for the esela Virtual Conference 2021, and a discount code to share with a colleague.

To view further information about the Virtual Conference 2021 visit

Members are able to view the sessions on demand. Use the following  password to access the schedule of recordings.

esela Member Access: ESG and Impact Investing Guides 2021

Members of esela can access the ESG and Impact Investing 2021 guides, written by lawyers and published by Lexology.

For esela member access click here.


Access to esela events and materials

esela Online Series 2020

Members can access the recordings and materials from the sessions in the esela 2020 Online Series, 1 – 15 July and 30 September – 21 October and 25 November here.

As the pandemic shifted our interactions online during 2020, esela determined to deliver content to its membership and wider community through the esela Online Series.

Two weekly series took place in July and October, with content covering fiduciary duty and impact investment for pension funds, the role of the legal profession in combating climate change, the shifting standards in the global business and human rights landscape, green recovery for Latin America, mainstream investing for sustainability impact, and the role of profit with purpose businesses and legal frameworks in an inclusive and sustainable economy.

For in person events, esela members will receive a discount on the cost of standard price tickets.

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