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Our members come from a variety of different jurisdictions all of whom specialise or are interested in social impact law.

Many of our members provide articles and news items for our resources, please get in touch with if you have wish to contribute.


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  • Searching the members’ directory

The directory is a resource of information about lawyers and others who are active in this space.

The directory is designed to facilitate connection to and among Esela members. By creating your  personal profile, you will be visible to other members as well to others who visit the site to find information about individuals within our network.

Make best use of your membership by keeping your personal Esela profile up to date. Include a summary of your areas of expertise and experience, as well as your contact information, and link your personal Esela profile directly to your organisation’s website.

For lawyers wishing to connect with a practitioner in a particular jurisdiction, use the Directory search function.

To contact an Esela member, get in touch with them directly via the contact details on their profile, or contact us at if you would like us to facilitate an introduction.

  • Membership renewal

Esela is moving to a new membership structure, with some membership categories being phased out. For information about how the changes affect your membership, and how to renew your membership click here.

  • Accessing members’ discounts for conference

  • Downloading materials and resources

  • Making the most of your membership

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