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Our focus is on technical skills with an intellectual basis, which ensures the high quality of our services in all legal fields. This is also one of our reasons for opting for a combination of legal profession (civil and public law) and tax consultancy (tax law). It is why all our tax advisers are qualified or aspirant attorneys-at-law.

Our Philosophy
BvdV’s philosophy is unique in the legal profession: we have no oppressive standard working times, extreme hours, or unnecessary expenses. We believe a proper balance between private life and work is indispensable for creativity, entrepreneurship and intellectual performance. We assume that motivation from within (ambition) works better than external pressure (standard working times). We therefore encourage our staff to work part time during normal office hours. Our special remuneration structure promotes entrepreneurship.

The entire organization is oriented to simplicity. No unnecessary software, internal procedures, fringe benefits, and so on, just simplicity.

Types of Work

BvdV has various areas of specialism within the fields of civil law and tax law, and can be of service to you in the following legal fields:

Civil law
Liability law
Employment law
Contract law
Inheritance law
Mergers, acquisitions and business succession
Business and company law
Procedural law
Insolvency law
Landlord and tenant law

Tax law

Taxes on legal transactions
Procedural tax law
Income tax
International tax law (including emigration and immigration)
Estates system
Wage tax
Gift and inheritance tax
Corporate income tax
Asset planning (capital transfer, business succession)
Assistance with various tax returns

Areas of Interest

AssociationsB CorpsCo-operatives and mutualsCorporate formFinance and investmentFoundations and charitiesPolicy and legal developmentTax

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