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Legal Design Turkey is the first co-learning community transformed into social enterprise for legal design in Turkey. We humanize legal systems and services to create human-centered solutions for users. We have a clover model that is composed of four components: Law, Design, Technology and Social Impact. In March 2021, we became one of the winners among 422 applicants at the UNDP Social Innovation Support Programme in Turkey. As part of this prize, we also won a pilot project support from UNDP Turkey. We are a member of Catalyst 2030, which is a global network of social innovators/entrepreneurs to achive collaboratively SDGs.

Types of Work

We have a hybrid model of service where we carry out trainings, workshops and courses for lawyers & law students. We carry out projects which empower advocacy professionals and enhance access to justice of citizens. We collaborate with external partners for awareness of legal design, legal literacy and rule of law.

Areas of Interest

AssociationsB CorpsCo-operatives and mutualsCorporate formFoundations and charitiesPolicy and legal developmentResearchOther

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