ESELA at Bulgarian Ministry Conference

By ESELA Posted 13/07/2016

ESELA was invited to speak at the Bulgarian Ministry Conference, “Legislative Provision of social Economy”, held at the CHRDRI in Sofia on 2-3 June 2016. This conference was a closed-invitation conference for representatives of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy (MSLP), the European Commission, employees on managerial and expert positions form MLSP, including SLUs to the Minister of Labour and Social Policy, other state and governmental institutions, representatives of social partners, NGOs, media, and social enterprises operating on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. The conference focused on exchanging experience and good practices in order to determine the direction necessary for developing a law on social economy in Bulgaria. Among the speakers, ESELA representative, Alissa Pelatan discussed the practical and theoretical aspects of the legislative provisions of the draft Bulgarian social enterprise law with a particular emphasis on the measures taken in Europe to promote social enterprise law.

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