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Esela Annual Conference 2019 Resource Pack: slides, bios, agenda, video

The Esela Annual Conference 2019 took place on 12 April at the London School of Economics on the topic 'The Impact Revolution: The Role of Law and Lawyers'. This resource pack contains the conference slides, agenda, speaker biographies and video.

Esela Annual Conference 2019: Slide presentations

The Esela Annual Conference 2019 took place on 12 April at the London School of Economics.

New Legal Developments Boost Social Investments in the UK

This article summarises recent developments in the UK social investment market which have opened up new possibilities for individuals and charities to engage in social investment activity.

The First European Benefit Corporation: blurring the lines between ‘social’ and ‘business’

This article will provide an in-depth analysis on the new Italian law introducing the “Società Benefit”, a comparison of the US and the European historical and social context, as well as a summary of the potential impacts of the Italian experience on other EU Members’ legal systems.

L’Impresa Sociale in Europa

An Italian version of our publication mapping social enterprise in all its forms across Europe.

To be or not to be: the future of the social purpose company in Belgium

Belgian corporate specialists are questioning the use of the social purpose company as an adequate legal status for social business. Marleen Denef provides insights.

Legal vehicles for social enterprises: Italian short-sightedness on profit distribution.

Globally, social enterprise law is moving towards entrepreneurial solutions with social impact through the creation of low profit businesses. Italy was left on the starting blocks due to its tradition ban on profit distribution, but the law is changing and traditions are evolving.

Roadmap for social entrepreneurship encouragement and development in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Center for Not-for-profit Law, one of the authors of this roadmap, has a mission to provide support on drafting and implementation of legislation and policies aiming to advance civil society, civil participation and good governance in Bulgaria.

ESELA publishes report on Social Enterprise in Europe

The first-of-its-kind study maps Social Enterprise activity and eco-systems in 29 countries in Europe using a common definition and approach. The Study also maps the national policy and legal framework for Social Enterprise in each country.


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